Join us in Denver for our 2023 annual meeting! Nov. 29-30th at the Sheraton Downtown Denver

The Western Weed Coordinating Committee (WWCC) is a voluntary organization made up of state and federal agencies, state weed coordinators, NGOs, and many other entities all concerned about invasive species, particularly invasive plant species. The WWCC and its members are dedicated to preventing the introduction and spread of noxious weeds and undesirable plants in the western United States. The committee provides a forum for discussion and resolution of problems, and operates under bylaws established in 1994 and updated in 2019.

The objectives of the WWCC are to:

  • Promote coordination and cooperation between participating agencies for managing noxious weed control programs;

  • Establish and promote interagency standards for managing noxious weed control programs;

  • Identify improvements and policies needed to strengthen state and federal noxious weed laws;

  • Promote integrated noxious weed management;

  • Identify barriers to effective noxious weed management and identify the actions needed to remove those barriers; and

  • Improve public awareness of the need for effective noxious weed management.

Evaluate the Western Weed Action Plan

The WWCC wants your opinion! Share your thoughts about the Western Weed Action Plan before the 2023 Annual Conference

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Member Updates Link

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True Grit Award Nomination

Nominate a colleague for the 2023 True Grit Award! Recipients must 

  • Be a current or recently retired member of the Western Weed Coordinating Committee.
  • Have a career of at least 10 years working in invasive plant management.
  • Have held leadership roles in cooperative efforts to address noxious weed concerns across the west.